Faithful. As a Servant.

Join us from May 20th - 24th for a thrilling encounter with Moses, his journey out of Egypt and practical leadership lessons for your CARE Group & Discipleship Group.

CARE Leadership Conference 2020: "Faithful. As a Servant." (Hebr 3:5)

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Welcome to the CARE Network

A CARE Group is a small group that invites guests and seekers for a fellowship meal, beautiful music and a Bible study. C.A.R.E. stands for Christ’s Attitude Reflected in Everyone, and the idea of meeting together to eat, sing and study is found in the book of Acts. Small groups are essential for Christian growth, successful witnessing and sustainable evangelism. Learn more about the importance of small groups, how to practically start and run one and receive free material, training sessions and devotional videos here on this website.


To further educate existing CARE Group leaders and enlarge the network, myCAREGroup (myCG) organizes multiple events across the world. Our speakers are visiting churches to share the Gospel and train new leaders wherever they go. Find out more about current events, evangelistic meetings and conferences by visiting our events page.


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