Our Vision

By going back to the roots of Jesus’ method, analysing and implementing His great principles, we are to restore individually and corporately God’s people and His church. The climax of this restoration process can be reached by starting authentic small groups around the world and creating a network of dedicated believers who are united in faith and eager to see Jesus coming back very soon.


True connection goes beyond internet access, availability and travel. We were created for a greater purpose — and it is time to live up to that calling. Become a part of the fastest growing Christian network by starting your CARE Group today & connect with others through the word of GOD and small group ministry.

A Network of CARE Groups Around the World

Imagine you find yourself in a new city, visiting friends or moving to a new town. What are you doing on a Friday night? Wouldn’t it be a tremendous blessing to join an existing group of fellow believers, to sing with them, to eat with them, and to study God’s word with them? What if you had a website, a community of small groups — and even before traveling, you could inform yourself about the group you were wanting to visit? What if you could know when and where they are meeting, what they are studying and who is leading?

One Group In Every City

Imagine a network of faithful believers, motivating and training each other on a regular basis. Imagine at least one small group in every city of the world. What seemed so far away when looking at the early church can now quickly become a reality again. Will you join us?


By going on this page and answering a few questions about your current situation and your desire to start a small group, you are using the free opportunity to join the network and become a part of the CARE movement. After registering and sharing with us your best time slots of the week, our team will assign you to an online training group. You will be educated how to lead a small group Bible study, how to practically start your small group and much more. After 7 sessions, your training is completed, and you are a verified CARE Leader — congratulations! Now it is time to set up your small group profile page on this website and get connected with fellow believers. Welcome to myCG.